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Why “No Code” Excites Me

TLDR: Watch sessions from the 1st No Code Conference on YouTube.

“No Code” is a beautiful thing that invites more people to the table & empowers them to build their dreams using technology without an extensive background in design or engineering.

Besides, somebody still has to “code” these tools people are putting to use. If you're an engineer already, don't fret!

I take it on myself to teach everyone around me about my job, and what exactly it is that I do. Often times my largest contributions to a project isn't in the code that I write, but the solution I help architect. It's about asking the right questions, and hopefully solving the right problems. 

I'm passionate about sharing that with the teams of people around me. If I can nourish that passion and build your confidence, you'll ask questions I previous didn't think of, bring your own unique set of experience and insights to the table that I don't have, and our solution will be all the better for it. Embracing “no code” (or low code) arms more people with more tools to build solutions that solve real problems. If they really enjoy it, chances are their curiosity will lead them on a rewarding journey where they take up and learn things about design and engineering and be all the better for it.

I'd hope that no code solutions result in more people using technology in ways they hadn't before, to solve their own problems, tackle new challenges, and breathe innovation into their product, team, or companies. 

I think it's important to frame the “no code” movement in our minds as not an opportunity to point the finger at people who aren't engineers and demand more productivity from them – but to challenge ourselves as the problem solvers and engineers that we are to craft tools of opportunity that others without complex engineering degrees can contribute in a way they couldn't previously.

By the way, no code techniques are a great way to cultivate this passion in kids not quite at the age where writing code is that "exciting". Also adults who may find it intimidating. Engineers could use these tools for rapid prototyping and evaluation. The list goes on.

The first No Code Conference was held just a few days ago, and is now available to watch through YouTube. I promise you, if technology can make an impact to how you conduct business - you'll find insights in one or many of the conference sessions below.

Or your money back! Since it's free to watch it won't cost me a thing if you don't like it.

Watch sessions from the 1st No Code Conference on YouTube.

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