Is your organization planning to add immersive content (VR and AR) to its training library soon?


Is your organization planning to add immersive content to its training library soon?

Immersive content, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR), has the potential to make more meaningful connections with students by providing them with highly engaging and interactive learning experiences. This can help hold students’ attention and motivate them to learn, particularly when compared to traditional forms of education such as lectures and reading assignments. Additionally, immersive content can help to create a sense of presence, or the feeling of being physically present in a virtual or augmented environment, which can enhance the learning experience and make it feel more natural and relevant.

Just as traditional e-learning has utilized xAPI, also known as the Experience API or Tin Can API, to enhance the tracking, analysis, and reporting of learning experiences – so can immersive content inside virtual or augmented simulations.

When designing VR and AR simulations, we craft immersive learning experiences that can be tracked and analyzed using xAPI. This can help to provide more detailed data on learners’ interactions with the simulation, including their movements, time-to-task, decisions, and responses.

Overall, pairing VR and AR with xAPI can provide a more comprehensive and effective way to track and assess learners’ experiences. Immersive content is invaluable to younger learners as the more engaging, interactive, and entertaining medium. By offering content in various learning modalities, educators can feel reassured that all students have the opportunity to learn in ways best suited to other individual needs and preferences.

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