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Glaize Apples Goes Digital

I've been working closely with Philip Glaize for the past year on a neat project. Philip and his family have been running Glaize Apples here in Winchester, VA for almost 80 years - and the way they've done business hasn't really changed too much - everything from the picking to the delivery of apples is done with a caring and professional touch that is hard to match and can't be beat. 

So for the past year or so now I've been working alongside Philip and supporting his initiative to digitize their inventory tracking, management, and sales at this family-ran business. This year we are putting the final touches on a custom Microsoft ASP.NET solution and it will be fully operational for the next apple season!

There are many reasons for and many benefits to digitizing your business. For Glaize Apples it was an easy decision. Digitizing their inventory and daily processes allows them to reduce risk, recognize inventory errors more quickly, and accurately manage and sell from their inventory from not only the office but from the middle of their orchard!

Do you have questions about going digital at your business? The Scylla Group may be the digital partner you need. I'd love to discuss how we might work together to solve your most troubling issues.

Glaize Apples has been in the Shenandoah Valley for almost 80 years. They recently launched a new website with some great photography of their orchards, buildings, and surrounding area.

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