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Changing the Focus Area of My Blog

I haven't disappeared, I'm still writing, and I intend to write a lot more frequently BUT...

Goodbye Sharepoint

My focus has changed and I am no longer a SharePoint-specific consultant. I've taken a new position with The Scylla Group and now work as a Senior Front-End Developer / Software Engineer. We work with a variety of Content Management Systems and provide both web and mobile application solutions. So the scope of my work is much more broad in scope. Future web-related topics will probably fall more in line with Microsoft MVC / .NET solutions, the Umbraco CMS, and utility sites and functions that I create and want to share.

I have a great friend who is still in the SharePoint Consulting realm - his name is Sonny Eom. I urge you to visit his blog regularly for SharePoint UI tips and to continue any SharePoint discussions over there.

WTH Will I Write About?

I want to write a lot more than just web development. I spend 40-60 hours a week overhauling web sites and applications - so I'm going to try and venture out into the woods and write about other things.

Expect to see more opinionated / experienced-based posts covering my experience with video games. I'll be writing pieces on how I think games can evolve or provide a better user experience. I'm a member of a real small team of game developers who are using Unity 3D for a couple of projects, you may get a sneak peak at some of those things in the future.


I'm not writing about SharePoint anymore. I may continue to write about web development, but I want to write (mostly) about my personal experience with video games. My immature, brutally inadequate, amateurish, inferior and second-rate criticisms of video games. Enjoy!

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